Secretarys Notes

Sharon Tradewell - 10/4/2019


Auxiliary Meeting September 10th, 2019 



The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm with 8 members present. The meeting was opened according to ritual and roll call of officers was taken.  Minutes of the previous meeting was stand approved as read.  Treasurer's report was given and will be filed subject to audit. A new member, Hannah Palchik, was proposed for membership.
General Orders: and chairmen reports were read.
Old Business: A discussion was held regarding the Post and Auxiliary Picnic held in August.  Raffle tickets for the 2 baskets went well.  Food was very good.  Several ideas were discussed on what can be done to get more people to attend.  Certificates of Appreciation presented at the state convention to our auxiliary were for Historian/Media Relations, Community Outreach Project, Legislative programs, Veterans and Family Support program.  The Auxiliary also received citations from the National organization for VFW Buddy Poppy and VFW National Home for Children.
New Business: President Darleen sent a letter to the Boudicca Home for Female Veterans, to see if donations are needed.  There has been no answer to our letter at this time. Our Post, will be hosting the Department Loyalty Day Program and parade on April 25th, 2020.  A discussion was held with regard to the auxiliary's participation and assistance.  
The following motion passed and carried: To accept one new member.
Good of the Order:  Jean Sonnenberg won the Pot of Silver and donated it to the Auciliary Relief Fund.  Our hostess for October 8th meeting is Diann Mayer.
We remembered our National Home.  The meeting was adjourned according to the ritual at 7:55pm.

Respectfully Submitted,


Sharon Tradewell, Secretary  





Auxiliary Meeting August 13th, 2019



The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm with 5 members present. The meeting was opened according to ritual and roll call of officers was taken.  


Minutes of the previous meeting will stand approved as read.  Treasurer’s report was given and will be filed subject to audit.


General Orders:  was read also chairmen reports and audit report.  


Unfinished Business:  6 lap robes were delivered to King Army Home and 39 white men's t-shirts to the Zablocki VA Hospital donated by our auxiliary.  Our revised Standing Rules were handed our by President Darleen.  Reminder about our Post and Auxiliary picnic this weekend and we are all bringing desserts.  We will be selling raffle tickets at the picnic for our 2 raffle baskets.


New Business:  The following motions passed and carried:  to accept the audit, to donate $25.00 to the departments "Bragging Rights" competition between our Commander Don (Air Force) and President Mary (Army) in favor of Mary, and to donate $50.00 to Wisconsin Unmet Needs program.  


Good of the Order:   Had a discussion about the resolution passed at the National Convention regarding the dates due for audits.  Another discussion on donating to the department's "31 Totes for Veterans Project". Suzanne Stephens won the Pot of Silver and donated it to the Auxiliary Relief Fund. Our hostess for our September 10th meeting is Jean Sonnenberg.      

We remembered our National Home.

The meeting was adjourned according to the ritual at 7:55 pm. 


Respectfully Submitted,


Sharon Tradewell , Secretary  











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