Commanders Column

Jorge Calderon - 3/30/2021


 Members of Gross-Yaksh VFW Post 6498

As we prepare for a new year, let's reflect on those who made this Post stand out over the years.  As active we are in our Community, at the VA, at the National Home for Children, at the local, district, as well as the National level.   You members have made it possible for us to grow.  Through the many good years, and through the many difficult years, many of us Past Commanders have much to do leading this Post to be successful and continue to achieve the recognition we deserve when we work diligently with Veterans.   
I'm honored to be a member with the Veterans who have served in combat and continue to serve their community.  You are why I provide my services to aid those Veteran's from suicide, from homelessness, and from misguided information.  
As my term comes to an end as Commander, I will continue to be available to guide the future commander to success.  Feel free to reach out and say HI Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard.  I'm always interested in listening to your success story and what you did while in the Armed Forces.  For our 75th Anniversary, I hope to see those who can make it, and for those who will be staying home to stay safe.  I hope you all are practicing the safety guidelines so we can return back to normal soon. 
Once again Thank You Veterans for all you do, have done and will do for our active duty service members returning home.  Welcome home Sgt. Snafu, Lt. Gen. Fubar and CWO Tarfu from the frontlines!  We got your Six!
Semper Fi
Commander Calderon, J. L., Jr.
Gross-Yaksh VFW Post 6498
Milwaukee, WI














May 2, 2021

  Your Post meeting
Tuesday May 11, 2021 7:00 PM
The VFW has been serving Veterans for over 119 years. You are a member of a truly elite group of comrades. Have you ever thought about how you will be remembered, or what will your Legacy be? As a life member of the V.F.W. we now have an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on our Post, State and the National Organization. Your pride in this organization and its many accomplishments can be secured along with the strengthening of the future for those who will surely need the help and advocacy that founded this, the greatest combat veterans organization in the world. To become a Legacy life member you must first be a Life member of the VFW. There are three levels of Legacy to choose from Gold, Silver and Bronze. The cost of each level is; Gold $1,200 - Silver $800 - Bronze $400. Your Post, Department and National will receive an endowment forever if you chose that option. The endowment would be Gold $18 annually Silver $12 annually Bronze $6 annually. More benefits are included with your Legacy Life Membership. You can go to the National VFW website atvfw.orgor call National Headquarters for more information at1-800-963-3180.
Tommy "T” Tradewell
Legacy Life Membership Chairman.