Commanders Column

Jorge Calderon - 8/27/2019

 From the desk of your Commander August: 

VFW Post Members of Gross-Yaksh


 As Summer winds down and Fall is within arm's reach, may we continue to aid those Veterans who Love our patience, and appreciate our generosity in assisting them throughout the day.  Every hour we care for our Veterans we also need to record those hours for our Community Service reports, we all do our part even those who only have time to donate Blood every so often are also helping us out, please submit them hours and blood donation slips into the Adjutant as soon as you can.  We greatly appreciate all who aid those every day!

In upcoming affairs, we hope to find an Elementary, Middle and a High School Teacher this year as well as candidates for the Patriots Pen and Voice of Democracy.  Any child in Middle School or High School that can perform the task at hand to write about this year's Topic, feel free to send their essay on in to us!  As for the Topic stop in at our next Meeting and we'll get you the details and forms to submit your Future Wisconsin Representative that could head on out to Washington DC to read to our Politicians their WINNG Essay?  August 13th or September 10th are our next Post Meetings.

All Active Service Members, all Active Post Members and all Post Members do visit our website or your Local Vet Rep at your  County Veteran Service Office to get Tickets for future upcoming events near you, yes FREE events like State Fair, Summerfest, Zoo Admissions, Discounted Sports Events, Live Concert Performances, and many others that all it takes is either a click of the mouse or friendly visit to see what's coming to a Venue near you.  Thanks to our Great Fans, our Great Supporters and lastly our Community for all we continue to do for our Veterans from yesterday, for today and those who join tomorrow.


We are truly grateful for all heading out and returning home from conflicts in the middle east and around the World.  May our Active Service Members come Home Safe and Sound, for those who Pay the Ultimate Sacrifice.  May we Honor those for their acts of Bravery, Unselfishness and G Gratitude for the Fight they Fought defending America's Freedom!


Semper Fi

Commander Calderon, J.L., Jr.

Gross-Yaksh VFW Post 6498

Milwaukee, WI. 




   From the desk of your Commander July:


VFW Post Members of Gross-Yaksh


I would like to thank each and every one of you for electing me as the Commander of Gross-Yaksh VFW Post 6498! For the new Members who I haven't had a chance to introduce myself to, I served in the

U. S. Marine Corps on Active Duty from 19971230 to 20011229, than off to Reserve Duty from 20020112-20040214. All under as 3531 a Motor Transport Operator and 3536 a Vehicle Recovery Operator, other billets included were Dispatcher, On Vehicle Equipment NCO, HazMat NCO, Safety NCO, and Squad Leader. Several awards I was able to receive were the Presidential Unit Citation with 3rd Spt Btn, 3rd FSSG, MT Co. HQ Plt Camp Foster Okinawa, and awarded the Good Conduct while with I.M.A. Det, 1st Maintenance Btn MCAS Miramar. After checking in to the Reserve Unit, we did get activated shortly after for Operation Iraqi Freedom where a Select few of us went to Represent MTACS-48 Forward out of Great Lakes Naval Station and or Fort Sheridan. 

It took me a few years to settle down in the Post Military Organizations such as this one. My first year as a Member, I was working Second shift for a Marketing Design Corporation as a Finishing Lead Supervising a skeleton crew. While employed there, I was unable to attend any Veteran Events or Post Activities. Shortly after finding a First Shift position, I made it to my First Meeting where I met Wally and the rest of the Active Members. After hearing about what Gross-Yaksh VFW Post 6498 does in the Community and for Veterans, I felt to step up and become an active member within our Post. Currently on the Honor Guard Detail, was your Junior Vice, Senior Vice and recently took the position as your District Junior Vice. 

Hope to be able to reach out to each of you via Email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or by Mail. If you have any questions feel free to send me a text or call me directly at 414.687.7837 or email me at and I'll get back to you promptly. 

Welcome Home Active Duty, Reserve Duty Service Members, Retired and Veterans. 

Let’s aid those who are transitioning back to Civilization, and save those with unwavering intentions. When we Returned Home, I know it wasn't easy! 


Sincerely Yours 

Jorge Calderon Jr., Commander 











Attend Your Post meeting
Tuesday SEPTEMBER 10, 2019 7:00 PM Hart Park
The VFW has been serving Veterans for over 119 years. You are a member of a truly elite group of comrades. Have you ever thought about how you will be remembered, or what will your Legacy be? As a life member of the V.F.W. we now have an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on our Post, State and the National Organization. Your pride in this organization and its many accomplishments can be secured along with the strengthening of the future for those who will surely need the help and advocacy that founded this, the greatest combat veterans organization in the world. To become a Legacy life member you must first be a Life member of the VFW. There are three levels of Legacy to choose from Gold, Silver and Bronze. The cost of each level is; Gold $1,200 - Silver $800 - Bronze $400. Your Post, Department and National will receive an endowment forever if you chose that option. The endowment would be Gold $18 annually Silver $12 annually Bronze $6 annually. More benefits are included with your Legacy Life Membership. You can go to the National VFW website atvfw.orgor call National Headquarters for more information at1-800-963-3180.
Tommy "T” Tradewell
Legacy Life Membership Chairman.