Commanders Column

Jorge Calderon - 4/4/2020


Post Members of Gross-Yaksh

     Welcome to 2020, to all new and returning members thank you for coming aboard. Our Active Post Members have plenty of accomplishments in 2019 that we are very proud of. As we face 2020, we have quite a bit of work ahead lined up as our Post is hosting Loyalty Days in Wauwatosa on April 25th at Hart Park, where all the activities will take place. As previously mentioned come be apart of our Ceremony, Celebration and Comradeship. 
     Poppy Days at Miller Park is just a few Months away, as always we have a great time with all the Fans that attend and those who support our Mission to help Veterans. Also your continued involvement in your Community counts, so please do reach out so we know that your also helping Veterans. For those who continue to visit Veterans at Hospice Centers, Home Care Facilities or at their home for some good fashion cribbage and convo, let us know we greatly appreciate all you do. 
     Our target was farther than expected but with proper breathing, our eye site on target, and trigger control I think we can get in a great postion to be back on top with 100% of membership with the others for All American. Once again thank you for those who reach out to new Veterans who are passionate about our Mission and allow us to grow with outstanding Veterans in Our Post. See you at our Next Meeting on Feb 11th, 2020 at 1900. 
     Its an Honor to be attending the Winter Conference in Green Bay, WI for the Red Carpet Award Ceremony. Our Patriots Pen recipients and Voice of Democracy recipients have been judged, we will find their place in the coming District Meeting and hopefully one of our Students will be heading to Washington DC here soon. Congratulations to those who represent our Post in both the Patriots Pen and the Voice of Democracy. Great Job Veterans for participating in our Youth event and for leading the way for those students to be successful. 

                   We do more for Veterans 

     We are truly grateful for all heading out and returning home from conflicts in the middle east and around the World. May our Active Service Members come Home Safe and Sound. For those who Pay the Ultimate Sacrifice, may we Honor those for their acts of Bravery, Unselfishness, and Gratitude for the Fight they Fought defending America's Freedom!
Semper Fi
Calderon, J. L., Jr.
Gross-Yaksh VFW Post 6498
Milwaukee, WI














and all associated events have been CANCELLED


  Your Post meeting
Tuesday APRIL 14, 2019 7:00 PM Hart Park
The VFW has been serving Veterans for over 119 years. You are a member of a truly elite group of comrades. Have you ever thought about how you will be remembered, or what will your Legacy be? As a life member of the V.F.W. we now have an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on our Post, State and the National Organization. Your pride in this organization and its many accomplishments can be secured along with the strengthening of the future for those who will surely need the help and advocacy that founded this, the greatest combat veterans organization in the world. To become a Legacy life member you must first be a Life member of the VFW. There are three levels of Legacy to choose from Gold, Silver and Bronze. The cost of each level is; Gold $1,200 - Silver $800 - Bronze $400. Your Post, Department and National will receive an endowment forever if you chose that option. The endowment would be Gold $18 annually Silver $12 annually Bronze $6 annually. More benefits are included with your Legacy Life Membership. You can go to the National VFW website atvfw.orgor call National Headquarters for more information at1-800-963-3180.
Tommy "T” Tradewell
Legacy Life Membership Chairman.